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MSMS Alumni Association Elections 2016 - Response to Questions

27 Aug 2016 10:51 AM | Anonymous

One question was posed to the candidates for MSMS Alumni Association President.

Question: What is your opinion of the Empower Mississippi organization, its goals, its lobbying efforts, and its use of MSMS as an example of the success of charter schools? How do you think Empower Mississippi impacts MSMS's mission and role in statewide education, if at all?

Answer from Padeletti:

Empower Mississippi

Having closely reviewed your comments and links, I know over the past months a number of alumni have voiced concerns over the MSMS success story article. While the mission of Empower Mississippi, to ensure that every child in Mississippi has the opportunity to flourish through access to a high quality education, sounds great and seems aligned to ours; I understand their goals and “charter school choice” platform are different.


My vision is that Mississippi needs to prioritize the critical few educational initiatives that add the most value to the economy and to the educational needs of its citizens. The data shows that for every $1 that Mississippi spends on MSMS, $10 are returned to the state. The financial impact of MSMS Alumni businesses in the state alone is up to $63M annually. Compared to the general population, Caucasian female alumni are 2x more likely to pursue a STEM career and African-American female alumni are 25x more likely1. Looking at our school’s performance and alumni, MSMS is truly a factual success story and an example of excellence that is vital to the state.

1: The 2015 MSMS Economic & Social Impact Survey conducted by The MSMS Foundation, Inc.

Answer from Thompson:

I am not familiar with the Empower Mississippi organization.  However, after reviewing their website, I find that I do agree with their mission to provide quality education to every child in Mississippi.  This is the key to developing our state and ensuring that the recipients of this education remain loyal to their Mississippi roots. MSMS is definitely a great example of what happens when children in areas with limited educational opportunities are given the chance to excel in an advanced intellectual environment. Empower Mississippi helps MSMS’s mission and role by supporting and lobbying for better education for all children. 

Please consider these two candidates and click on the link below and vote for one of them.


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